$38.00 CAD

T-Shirt Offer

With ticket purchase

$42.00 includes S&H sizes S through 4X – are we adding venue fees on top of this to sell?

The amount of $42.00 CDN will be an additional charge to your ticket cost. The total will then be deducted from whatever payment method you have used to purchase your ticket and your Cheech & Chong O Cannabis t-shirt(s).

There will be no refunds once this payment has been deducted.

You will be shipped your Cheech and Chong O Cannabis t-shirt(s) on or before August 15th 2019.

You can also go to FAQ’s cheechandchong.com with any additional questions or inquiries regarding the Cheech & Chong t-shirt (s)you have purchased.

Thank you and we look forward to sending your Cheech & chong t-shirt (s) to you. All t-shirt (s) will be shipped via Trackable Canada Post Parcel on or before August 15th,2019.